The First Realistic Thanksgiving Simulator Ever Made

Ever dreamed of the day someone will combine the awesomeness of Wolfenstein 3D and the terrible experience of standing in line during a Thanksgiving sale? Well, you can rest easy, as the game Waiting in Line 3D has been created.

What happens there? Absolutely nothing. You can move and look at the queue behind you and in front of you. You can jump until the computer tells you you’ve been pressing the Shift button a bit too much.

Oh, and there’s one more thing. You can punch yourself in the face to stay away. That’s the goal of the game. You have a meter of health and a meter of alertness, measuring how awake you are. The alertness drops as time goes by, so you have to punch yourself in the face to stay awake. Alas, that takes a toll on your health.

The best part of the game? Seeing an avatar of your character becoming bloodier and bloodier, just like in the classic Wolfenstein games. And it’s a pretty good way to prep up for hours of wasting time so you can get someone a useless gift.