Spy On Your Friends with the AR.Drone Remote Control Copter

Want to spy on your friends with a neat gadget right out of a Bond movie? The AR.Drone spy copter is remote controlled, has a video display and really flies.

ar drone remote control hover plane

Marketed as something of a flying video game, thanks to some advanced controls and a first person view from the drone’s perspective, this gadget shows that remote controlled devices aren’t just toys for the kids anymore.

Like a spy copter right out of the movies, the AR.Drone has a front mounted camera which relays a real time video feed to the screen of any iPhone or Android handheld device. Unfortunately there is no video or screen capture functionality at present.

Unlike a lot of remote controlled devices these days which require an existing Wi-Fi source to link up with your device, this drone has it’s own built in Wi-Fi signal that it uses to establish a connection with your controller. This pretty much means you don’t have to hang around the house or other areas with a router nearby. Take it to the park, drive out to the fields; go anywhere you like with it.

According to one source, piloting these nifty little copters can take quite some getting used to, as it doesn’t have the friendliest learning curve when it comes to mastering its controls. The master control has a virtual joystick and an intelligently laid out dashboard, but taking into account all of the devices gyroscopic capabilities can be tricky. Expect to have a few shaky take offs the first couple of runs.

Thankfully, the AR.Drone has both an advanced set of controls and some more beginner friendly ones to help you get the hang of piloting the thing and start causing some UFO sightings around the neighbourhood.

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