Resident Evil 6 – A Global Outbreak Of Action & Horror Coming 11/20/12 For PS3/360

Resident Evil 6. Coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in November. Need I say more? Nope. So get in here and watch the official announcement trailer that will rock your socks off!

Resident Evil 6 Logo Image

Dramatic horror on a global scale. That might be the best description for what Capcom plans to do in the next main chapter to their popular survival-horror series, Resident Evil 6. Planned for a November 20, 2012 release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (soon after on PC,) RE6’s stage is set during a mass-biological terrorism attack across the world, with major devastating outbreaks in China (guess those rumors where true, huh?) and our own nation’s capital.

Just who is “a bad enough dude” to take down these unknown bio-terrorists, who, have even managed to take down the President of the United States? Capcom thinks it’s two “dudes,” because for a Resident Evil first, gamers will be taking the role of returning favorites, Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield; both central characters to the grand-scale plot of Resident Evil 6, and each with their own interweaving campaign and set of teammates that do their fair share in fighting back against the overwhelming flood of zombies. And yes, zombies are back.

Now, the internal team down at Capcom that brought you previous installments is taking full credit here, and from early impressions, brought to you by this official announcement trailer below, Resident Evil 6 seems to be a stylistic mix of game mechanics from both Resident Evil 4 and 5. Hopefully its the good parts of each (no lame AI babysitting please) when we see the end result come this November.

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