Dog Choir Sings Imperial March

If you had been looking forward to this year’s Super Bowl, you might be in for a pleasant surprise. It is no surprise that most of you out here like Star Wars.

The official ad by the sponsor Volkswagen will get you humming along with a bunch of dogs, to the tune of Imperial March from Star Wars. Volkswagen has unveiled a really clever ad that features a dog choir, which sings Imperial March, by barking of course. The dogs look pretty into the act, and the trainer must have spent a lot of time to get the act right. Initially, the tune starts with a cacophonic barking ensemble, but gradually you would be able to make out the tune. Volkswagen seems to be trying really hard to attract the geeky types to buy one of their cars, and their advertisement also uses the Star Wars theme.

The ad copy directs the viewer ‘Feel the Force of German Engineering’ which is directly target at geeks who would be interested in the mechanical aspect of a vehicle than its looks. This year’s Super Bowl seems to be a great [place for dog lovers, geeks and auto lovers to hang out with their friends and families. The ad is titled ‘The Bark Side: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Teaser’ which is a direct reference to Star Wars series’ Dark Side.

I am not sure if you would like to explore the Dark Side of the auto industry, or just be happy with a naive-looking ad that has a bunch of cute dogs barking away. Whatever might be your choice, it is hard to deny that this ad is clever, catchy and quite viral in nature. You could also go ahead and take a look at the 8 Super Bowl XLV Apps that we had listed. We had also listed 22 football gadgets for NFL fans, as part of a Superbowl XLIV Special.