Resident Evil Restaurant Opening In Shibuya This July

Zombie-themed meals and drinks coming soon to a new Capcom restaurant probably not near you.


Capcom’s sudden foray into the food services industry expands to a Resident Evil-themed restaurant beginning next month in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan. Now, themed restaurants are quite the hot-spot eateries all over Tokyo, and the most widely know of these are maid cafes, where frilly-dressed servants, often young petite ladies, offer tea and other similar tea-time snacks to their patrons.

You certainly won’t be finding any of that at the Biohazard Cafe & Grill S.T.A.R.S. (F.Y.I.: Biohazard is the Japanese name for the Resident Evil series), which draws inspiration from the zombie-outbreak-virus-whatever series from Capcom. The restaurant opens July 13, and yes, like their CAPCOM BAR counterpart located in Shinjuku, which opened back in January, it too will feature a menu of Resident Evil-related food items.

Will there be any Jill Sandwiches at this particular greasy spoon? Capcom hasn’t revealed the full list of entrees yet, I’m afraid, but hopefully it will carry over some of the Resident Evil eats from the aforesaid CAPCOM BAR. Stuff like the Tyrant Rib Steak – knowing how top-grade the beef in Japan is, I bet it was mouth-meltingly good – or the absurdly brain-shaped, and delightfully sweet, Licker Brain Cake. Mmm… Brain Cake.


As for the grand opening, there will be fabulous prizes and a live performance by S.T.A.R.S. ANGELIQUE. I assume that’s a group of dancers in zombie-attire acting out Michael Jackson’s Thriller – as any well-reasoned person should expect -but this is Capcom we are talking about. If their “Cming Soon” flub (sheesh, seriously Capcom, it’s called Spell-Check) on the above PR release is any indication of how they’ll handle things, I’ll be setting my expectations to low.

Other than that, I’m totally down for spending well more than my allowance just to wine-and-dine in the world of Resident Evil – number 6 for the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/PC coming October 6 in North America. Oh hey, I just noticed how the date matches with the iteration. How cute. Just like these 12 classic film stars and their pets or – not cute – life-sized Alien and Predator statues.