Retro City Rampage Now Available On PC, PSN, PS Vita

The noteworthy and most excellent digital release of the week is Retro City Rampage, a blast from the 8-bit past that you must get to know.

Retro City Rampage skate n buy image

Ten years is a helluva long time to make one game, and then on top of that, having to wait literally months after its completion just for the gaming platform gatekeepers to decide on a release date. Truly, patience is a virtue for one Brian Provinciano and his newly released labor of love Retro City Rampage.

Now on sale across multiple systems – PC, PlayStation Network, PS Vita, and sometime in the near future for Xbox Live Arcade & WiiWare – Retro City Rampage ($14.99 USD) is a sprite-driven, open-world action game that pays both loving respect to and delightfully pokes fun at the 8-bit gen of videogames.

A totally radical centrifuge of references based on popular Nintendo titles Brian played in his youth – Mega Man, Zelda, Contra, etc. – which in RCR, are all brilliantly wrapped up in a gameplay structure similar to that of Grand Theft Auto, another well-played upon influence to this small indie project.

Retro City Rampage paperboy image

Playing as the main character, a henchman of a major crime syndicate known as the Jester, you can free roam the city looking for trouble – disturbing the peace, hijacking vehicles, and what not – or progress RCR’s plot within the 50 story-based missions included in the game.

Sounds flippin’ fantastic, huh? Well, friends, don’t just take my word for it, check out the official launch trailer for Retro City Rampage and judge with your own eyes.

Retro City Rampage OFFICIAL Launch Trailer from Vblank on Vimeo.

Perhaps one minute detail that you probably couldn’t hear all too well through your speakers is RCR’s audio backing. Obliviously, it’s chiptune-inspired – a fantastic choice, I should add – but did you know that it’s produced by three mighty videogame composers?

Do the names Leonard “FreakyDNA” Paul, Jake “Virt” Kaufman, or Matt “Norrin Radd” Creamer ring a bell? They should peeps, this group of established music-crafters are among the best in videogamedom, and working together, RCR’s soundtrack is chuck full of awesome tracks (that you can even buy and listen to separately!)

Retro City Rampage flax combobulator image

I say there good sir or madam, why are you still here reading this? By now, you should be on your way to either Steam (it’s 10 percent off there), the PlayStation Network, or your PlayStation Vita, and getting to know Retro City Rampage all proper like. Did I mention it’s only $15?

Plus, the PlayStation version is supported by Cross-By & Cross-Save, meaning “YOBO” everybody: you only by once and get both the PSN and PS Vita (which you can transfer saves in-between) for free! That should sweeten the incentive alrighty!

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