Retro Video Game System: Cartridges are back

Get ready for some heavy nostalgia, as a completely new video game system promises to deliver content via cartridges: just like the old days!

Retro Video Game System 1

Now that blu-rays are the default storage method for consoles, cartridges are a nostalgic thing that many of us miss and associate with the consoles of our childhoods. Ever since the N64, video game consoles have moved on to optical media, but the Retro VGS (Retro Video Games System) team view it differently, and think cartridges still can exist today. To prove their point, they are working in an upcoming cartridge-based games console.

Retro Video Game System 2

This idea came from the mind of Mike Kennedy of the Retro Magazine, who is going to bring his project to Kickstarter where the community will be able to decide its fate this summer. Still, the idea seems pretty clear: retro-style gaming is ready for a comeback, and the experience just isn’t the same if the hardware doesn’t match. It’s like it’s 1989 all over again, thanks to this console and games like Shovel Knight.

Retro Video Game System 3

The console’s name is still subject to change before it’s kickstarted, but it is being touted as Retro VGS. It will specialize in original 2D games made in a retro style, along with “16-Bit fan-favorite sequels” and some ports of mobile games that match the consoles’ vision and aesthetic. All of these games will release in cartridge form for the first time, so forget about patches, updates, and online play: this is just the game and the player, the way it was meant to be.

Kennedy’s team says the “RETRO VGS will reestablish the culture of video gaming, something that has been slowly dismantled over the last couple console generations. It will promote game ownership, tangibility and collectability. There will be no system updates, digital downloads or buggy games.” We’ll see about the bugs, Mr. Kennedy, but you have our whole support. Be sure to check out the project at the team’s Facebook page

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