Human Heart Cupcakes: For an Anti-Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t the favorite festival of a lot of people. Most find it annoyingly sentimental, and foolishly commercial. If you belong to that category, I am sure you would find these human heart cupcakes quite entertaining.

While these cakes certainly look macabre and hideous, they do seem to make fun of the larger commercial farce that Valentine’s Day has become lately. If you love someone, ‘eat their heart out’ seem to be the motto of these cake makers who certainly have a taste for the wilder side. London’s top scare attraction, The London Dungeon would be celebrating Valentine’s Day in its own way. You would be able to sink your teeth in to bloody cakes that are in the shape of throbbing human hearts cut out from a live person.

A basketful of not red roses, but gruesome cupcakes that look as macabre as a witch in the middle of casting a spell could just be the right way to wish your valentine!

If you are into goth subculture, and knew that goth is not just about wearing black lipstick and acting cool, you would know that it has a macabre side to it. These cakes make sure that no goth couple would be left disappointed. Miss Cakehead, who is well known for her ‘Eat your heart out’ cake shop has teamed up with The London Dungeon to dole out these gruesome cakes that remind you of all the blood and gore.

Perhaps this is a way of saying love need not be sweet, but could be exquisitely gory and hurtful. It may be a rather crude way of putting things across, but it surely attracts a lot of people who are tired of all the pink and red corny merchandise that are sold during the days before the Valentine’s Day.

Via: Cake Head Loves Evil