RONIX: Post-Apocalyptic Robot Sculpture Made Of PCB

The future might look bleak, with empty chasms and dark alleys, but that doesn’t mean no one’s fit for survival. Here’s RONIX, the Data Hunter.


Created entirely out of computer parts, Ronix is the work of PCB Creations , and can be found on their Etsy shop. As the author puts it, “[RONIX] is the first in this series that [he plans] to make, now that [he has] conquered the technique of human form using PCBs as the medium”. Looks pretty cool, right? Sort of like if a Gundam was built in the middle of the Fallout New Vegas Wasteland. The author mentioned it representing “a futuristic post-apocalyptic world where data hunters search for nourishment in the form of data bits to sustain their CPU’s need for processing.”


RONIX is made entirely out of colorful, recycled pieces, weighs 11bs and measures approximately 25″x 20″ x 10″, so it’s pretty big.  With size comes a price, though, albeit not as high as one might think: last we checked, it was $3,500 USD on their Etsy page, which is not bad considering the materials and the amount of work a bust like this takes.

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