Vintage Radio iPod Speakers

It is funny how technology changes so quickly. It was just a while ago that iPods were a rage and now most people have found other ways to listen to music, and that too mostly on their Smartphones.

With that in mind, when you take a look at these vintage radios being turned into iPod speakers, one can’t really decide if it is ‘present meets past’ or recent past meets distant past’. Devin Ward is an artist who has skillfully pimped old and vintage radios into cool speakers that could be used with your iPods.

Of course, many people use iPods still and they have a charm of their own in spite of the discomfort of having to go through the trouble of saving, syncing and other iFormalities. The vintage radios are pimped to suit different tastes, and if you liked playing golf, there is a radio that has been painted so. Moreover, it could be a great way to reflect on those early days when we all thought that there were tiny little people singing songs inside a radio. Those naive days are long gone and the radio itself has become obsolete the way we knew it. Soon, the time will come for iPods to become obsolete too.

Meanwhile, all that one can do while waiting for an iPod successor is to listen to music at a loud volume and pump up the bass on these vintage radio speakers. It is not clear if these speakers can be used along with an iPhone and if you can, it sure is going to be a great way to listen to music. You could take a look at these cool Angry Birds Speaker Docks too, if you are in a mood for some gaming. The WiFi2HiFi is a great way to stream all your music to an iPhone over Wi-Fi.