Gaming Rock Band Blitz Beating A Path To PSN & XBLA

Rock Band Blitz Beating A Path To PSN & XBLA

This Summer, the Rock Band experience comes to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. No plastic instruments required.

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Ditch those plastic guitars and drum sets – oh thank bob – because Harmonix, the producers of Dance Central and all forms of Rock Band, is bringing a new downloadable game to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, Rock Band Blitz. Yes. Another Rock Band game. But before you hit back on your browser buddy-boy, let it be known that this version uses no new fake-instrumentation, what so ever.

Still interested? Good. Because Rock Band Blitz uses a formula of game play that might be quite familiar to Harmonix lovers, which looks very Frequency/Amplitude-esque. A blessed awesome thing indeed, and interestingly enough, was recently used for Rock Band Unplugged for the PlayStation Portable – something, guessing by the chirping of crickets I’m hearing, no one played.

No worries though, I’ll sum it up quick: Rock Band Unplugged used the same multicolor highway of flashing tiles that every Rock Band uses as its foundation. But limited to the set of controls on the PSP, Unplugged forces the player to use a combinations of buttons/d-pad/analog stick to match notes for whatever instrument – guitar, bass, drums, and vocals – chosen for your selected track.


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The game play description above seems to be pretty apt for Rock Band Blitz, with cool power-ups, all sorts of score multipliers, and a selection of 25 music tracks available from the start. With Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”, Rick Springfield’s “Jesse’s Girl”, blink-182’s “Always”, and Quiet Riot’s “Metal Health (Bang Your Head)” being the first four confirmed tracks for the game.

Plus for those diehard rock-&-rollers who have a hard drive full of Rock Band songs already, you should be super delighted to know that your existing library will work for Blitz, fine and dandy. This same kind of unilateral content sharing will also be available for Blitz too, with instant access to the catalog of over 3,500 songs via the Rock Band Music Store. For sale, duh.

Here’s a sample of game play for Rock Band Blitz, which made its debut on G4’s X-Play. Check it out!

No official price yet, but the digital game is currently scheduled for a Summer 2012 release, Harmonix promises. And if that’s what they say, I believe them. They made The Beatles: Rock Band for goodness sakes! In my eyes, they can do no wrong.

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