Rock Your World: Hi-Fi Metal In-Ear Headphones [Hands-On Review]

Rock your world (and keep the rest out) with your favorite music through a pair of high fidelity in-ear headphones.

V-moda’s True Blood REVAMP Metal High-Fidelity in-ear headphones have replaced all of my millions of pairs of cheap earbuds from the past year (yes, I’ve gone through about 10 pairs in one year).  They’ve also helped with my self-induced anger management of always wearing headphones in public places so I don’t have to hear people who think they’re the next American Idol and want to … nevermind. I can’t hear a single thing outside of these earbud headphones and love it! This is without even having to turn up the volume all the way.

The True Blood headphones’ awesome features include:

  • A rope-like cord that, even after extensive playtime from my cat behind my back, still remains strong and hasn’t exposed any wires like the plastic cords do;
  • 3 in-ear tip options (although this is already typical of any earbuds that cost more than 5 bucks) that can fit comfortably in my ears. The only problem is that these fall off very easily, like other in-ear headphones. Would love to see a solution to this;
  • There’s also an optional over-ear clip that will help secure the headphones as you workout;
  • A chest-level microphone that is compatible with my Samsung Galaxy S phone (and likely others) so I don’t have to remove the earbuds to take a phone call;
  • A button to answer and end calls without having to take my phone out of my purse;
  • Sleek black color with red and metal accents that keep the in-ear headphone design true to its name “True Blood Revamp Metal”;
  • Great bass control that allows you to fully experience a range of music (from dark psytrance to hip-hop) without making you feel like you’re in a treble-lacking bucket rolling down Crenshaw.
I never thought I’d find the perfect in-ear headphones – and I still haven’t – but these come quite close. The V-MODA True Blood REVAMP headphones retail for $120.00.
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