10 Geeky Halloween Cupcakes & Cakes

Om nom nom nom … Halloween is upon us and its time to get creative. There’s  no douth that Halloween is the most creative holiday of them all, we look for special decorations, how to carve our pumpkins, awesome & creative costumes and of course for sweet Halloween treats.

Cupcakes are fun, they are most of the time easy to make, yummy and look fantastic, making a cake on the other hand can be more work but the outcome can be amazing!  Halloween makes the perfect excuse to start testing and make those special treats.  Here you can find 10 really awesome and unique Halloween cakes & cupcakes, so roll up your slaves and get buys and of course – good luck !

Hooting Owl Cupcakes

In this amazing article everything is extremely detailed so its pretty easy to understand how to make the cupcakes and of course how to decorate them.

Mummy Cupcakes

This is a fun way to combine some spookiness in our cupcakes. According to the recipe  total preparation time is 45 min, and in the end you will get 24 cupcakes.

The Eyeball Soup Cake

Well, I’m speechless … The first thing that comes to mide is: Yaiks! Not only that everything that got to do with eyeballs can make your stomach turn, its a soup of eyeball!  But seruiosly this is one of the most aswesome cakes I’ve seen – this uniqe creation was made by schmish. You can check out her site wickedlittlecakecompany for many more amazing cakes.

Stand-Up Spiderwebs Cupcakes

These beautful cupckaes are created by geeksweets, you can even see there how to make those fantastic spider webs that surly can upgrade any Halloween recipe you will make.

Awesome Shaped Pumpkin Cake

This amazing cake was made by Amy Caitlin , it has many features, extremely colorful and pure awesome.

Brain Cupcakes

I must admit from all of the cupcakes here this one I’m not sure I would eat … I’m pretty sure that it tastes good but the looks of it.. yikes … but that’s what Halloween is all about no? Do things that make you say WTF! Make sure you visit this awesome artist  flicker page you can browse there more of her creative work.

Halloween Oreo Cupcakes

Oreos – Yum, Cupcakes – Yum -> Oreo cupcakes = Double Yum! These Oreo cupcakes are extremly popular you can find a lot of diffrent variations, For the recipe make sure you here bakingjunkie

Pumpkin Chai Latte cupcake

This cute cupcake was made by BAKECupcakery,  this year they decided to do something special for Halloween and topped the cupcake with a yummy pumpkin cake pop.

Green Monster Cake

One of the best things about Halloween is all the scariness that is a big part of it. Although I think that this cake is more cute then scary still its a monster cake that is an awesome add to our collection.

Vampire Bat Cupcake

This creative Bat cupcakes if taken from Martha Stewart, you can even see there how to make the Bat, everything is extremely detailed and explained so I’m sure you can make easily some of your own.

Happy Halloween!