Portable Xbox 360 Console Mod

Xbox 360 is one of the popular game consoles out there and for you fans of the system there may be a new way to play your favorite games.  What use to require you to sit in front of a stationary TV has become portable. That’s right, mod designer Ed, has created the notebook version of the Xbox 360 system.  The system has the new 4GB Xbox 360 Arcade features.  Even the screen is impressive boasting at 17-inches and being able to display up to 720p HD.

Other features that the notebook Xbox 360 includes is a component out making it so you can hook it up to an HD TV, just like you would with a regular system.  It also has 4 USB ports, ethernet port, and, just like a notebook would feature, a headphone jack.

One thing that Ed did that is great about the portable Xbox is that when you plug the headphones into the jack, the internal—that’s right, the system also features internal speakers—turn off.  Another little touch is that the buttons are imbedded into the box so you don’t need an external controller to use the Portable Xbox 360.  However, it is possible to have an external one and would probably be recommended.  But that’s not all.  The buttons are all backlit so you can see them in the dark.  The system looks pretty awesome in the dark too.

The best part hasn’t even been mentioned yet.  You see, the best part is that you can have one of your own built.  Ed has offered his services but at a price.  For $1,600 you can have your own custom made portable Xbox 360 designed.

It’s a pretty steep price, but he has offered a few discounts.  If you send him your own console he’ll knock 200 bucks off and if you don’t want it custom painted then another 100 bucks off.  If you do happen to have the cash then he’s offered to engrave any image such as a picture or a logo, into the laptop.  So not only will you have your own uniquely designed Xbox 360, you’ll also be able to take it anywhere you want.  No more stationary TV.

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Via: Electronista / Technabob