7 Romantic Illustrations About Nerdy Love

Trying to be romantic by saying nerdy things? You aren’t the only one, but if you sometimes run out of lines to say or text to your special other, Nicole Martinez came up with some cute ‘Nerdy Dirty’ (as she calls ’em) love posters.

You don’t have to be attached to anyone to use it. Just imagine using the Pi line (image above this line) on a date or when trying to hit on someone. I’m guessing it simply can’t fail, if you pick the right person to try it on.

Martinez, who has these on for sale on her Society6 Shop page was inspired to make create these posters by her “nerdy” lovelife with her boyfriend: My boyfriend and I came up with the phrase ‘nerdy dirty’ a while ago because we would say such nerdy things when we were trying to be romantic. So when I got the urge to design something sweet I could only think of things like ‘Arota tell you how much I love you’. Hence, Nerdy Dirty posters were born.

For other “super cool” ways to hit on babes or studs, you might wanna try these geeky pick up lines, aimed at Harry Potter, Mario, Comic Books and Star Trek fans. For a more complete Pokemon experience, try this.

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