Now This Is Science! Rubik’s Companion Cube

One year after the game came out, we still can’t get over Portal 2, and stuff related to the game keeps grabbing our attention. This time, it’s a cute Rubik’s Companion Cube.


The guys at Granades came up with a tutorial on how to create a cute Rubik’s Companion Cube so it can watch over you when you sleep (that’s a bit creepy, isn’t it?). So, if just like us, you suck at solving the cube and would rather just stare at it, this is a decent option that tributes the greatest game of last year – sorry, Skyrim, Portal 2 is just different.

We got this lead via our pals at GeekCrafts, thank you guys! We have more Portal related stuff over here with Portal 2 Space Sphere Cake Looks Too Real to Eat and Portal Comes To iPad!! … At Least, In Sticker Form