KUB + Coffee Table: Coffee and More

Time and again the Rubik’s cube has served as an inspiration to many designers. This time around it has inspired a young designer from Brazil to come up with a completely new concept – a multi functional table called the KUB + Coffee table.

Fabio Teixeira has come up with a fun concept for a coffee table which will change the way you have coffee. Not only is this is a wonderful and lively looking colorful table but it also has the capacity to store all your little tit bits. The source of inspiration is the age old puzzle game Rubik’s cube. It is like having a giant size Rubik’s cube sitting in the center of your living room. Storage space has been created within the cube at intervals which can house small utility items, books or just curio stuff.

We find ourselves running out of space most of the times – especially for the purpose of storage. In such times when someone comes up with a concept that provides storage space within a limited area it is more than welcome. Adding on to this storage feature is the attractive look that this table has. While you have a table that offers storage space it comes with an attractive designer look.

The positive features of the table do not stop here. It is a concept that explores the DIY kind of projects. The table making package includes the six sides of the cube with areas cut out for the boxes, different sized boxes, and the color panels. As an owner of the table you can customize the storage boxes as per your choice and arrange the colors too according to your preferences. The material used for the table includes sheets of plywood that that have been polished with lacquer ink.

The use of plywood for the table proves to be advantageous for a DIY project. Besides, plywood offers uniform strength and resistance to splitting. The strength-to-weight and strength-to-thickness ratio of plywood is high compared to other materials.

As this is a DIY project, every user will have to assemble his/her table on his own. Teixeira has taken care to make things easy for every user by doing away with nails and glue. Instead all the pieces are put together using wooden dowel pins. Once completely assembled you get a 526X526X520mm dimension table, a pretty decent size to enjoy a hot steaming cup of coffee. It would be a pleasure to see this concept go into actual production.

If this concept turns into reality, I will be first to place an order. I am impressed. Make sure you also go through other designs such as Ikea Hack Coffee Table and Keyboard Bar Counter.

Via: Freshome