Run Ubuntu as a single browser tab

Chrome OS is now able to run native Linux apps thanks to a very clever coder and an interface that takes advantage of Chrome OS’s hardware.


David Schneider came up with something big: he designed Crouton script, a browser extension for Chrome OS that allows users to run Linux apps on their browsers. As unbelievable as this might sound, the Chrome OS users can now run LibreOffice, Firefox or GIMP amongst others, all from within a browser tab. This is a game changer for users who had to go back and forth between OS’s to run separate programs, but now can access each other with just a click, without even having to restart.

Running this set-up requires Chrome OS running in developer mode, with the latest Crouton script installed. This might sound kinda tricky but it’s not once you follow this tutorial created by the author himself for the reddit community.

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