Russian Scientist Develops Anti-Aging Pill

Antioxidants come to the rescue once again as Russian scientist lays claim to have discovered the world’s first age-defying pill.

Eternal Youth

Forget consuming insubordinate amounts of kidney beans and blueberries, and washing them down with cups of white tea in a bid to slow down the aging process. The coveted anti-aging pill exists! Well, in a nascent form anyway. Dr Vladimir Skulachev, chief of the Bioenergetics Department of Moscow State University, and the man behind the 1997 theory of programmed aging based on evolvability, has claimed to have cracked the anti-aging code through the power of antioxidants.

It is common knowledge that free radicals wreak havoc in the body and cause aging, which is why we are encouraged to increase our antioxidant intake by health experts. Conversely, the antioxidants are the good guys, countering the destructive ability of the free radicals, and are thus reputed to slow down the aging process.

If the professor is really onto something, we no longer will have to cryogenically freeze ourselves until the year 3000 to smear our faces with stem cell goo in an attempt to become immortal. The professor’s been working on it for good four decades, and his theories have so far been received positively. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Gunter Blobel has thrown his weight behind Skulachev’s theories, noting that the antioxidant developed by him is unprecedented. The medicine has so far been tested on animals, inducing encouraging results. The professor has also experimented on himself and successfully treated his cataract.

The discovery could herald a new era in bioenergetics and age defiance, and a sweet retirement for the professor, provided it translates into the age defying pill reaching store shelves in the not so distant future. People are already queuing up to participate in the clinical trials by the thousands. We here at Walyou are excited too, and will be following future developments, but whether this is the all-in-one remedy so fervently sought by the alchemists remains to be seen.

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Via: Redferret