Samsung’s New Folding AMOLED Display

If you’ve ever dreamt  of holding a synthetic newspaper that updates its own content in the morning, or having an LCD television you can roll up like a carpet, Samsung’s new folding AMOLED display should be a pleasant surprise by bringing it one step closer to reality.

It’s about time we figured out what Samsung’s had up its sleeve since its CES 2011 flexible AMOLED debut. A recent video shows off  Samsung’s new project, a thin film encapsulated AMOLED display folding onto itself without image distortion or nary a crease. The  rubber silicon the display is built upon allows this amazing feat, one that typical LCD displays cannot replicate without optical trickery.

Samsung AMOLED prototype

In this design, two AMOLED panels are covered by the silicon and then glass. All of this is then mounted onto a modular case, all of which is perfect for the malleable folding purpose.

The screen has a long way to go, maybe even two more years of R&D, but Samsung says the design is intended for mobile devices. Could this really be the reinvention of the flip phone?

I know what you’re thinking,  you can’t wait until the iPhone 7 so you  can drop your phone without being yelled at by Applecare. That’s when you remember, even this flexible display is still covered in glass.  Keep dreaming.

In the mean time, check out LG’s 47″ Transparent Display and Samsung’s wondrous Gloria Tab.

Video from Engadget