Samsung’s Galaxy Core Advance Case Uses Ultrasound to Detect Obstacles

Not only texting while driving is dangerous and potentially fatal, but also texting while walking. Samsung’s Ultrasonic Cover for the Galaxy Advanced Core will help you avoid bumping into people or walls while typing on the go.

Samsung launched today three new accessories that are meant to improve the way disabled or visually impaired users handle their smartphones. Ultimately, the three new add-ons for the Galaxy Core Advance could be used by normal people, as well, as their functions are extremely interesting, considering that they get over the out of fashion technical specs.

First of all, there’s the Optical Scan Stand, a raised bracket that employs the smrtphones OCR capabilities to transform text to voice. Obviously, this could primarily help people that cannot see very well the text, or who are unable to speak. On the other hand, it could prove useful to tourists who have the name of a place written on a paper in the local language.

Secondly, the Voice Labels enable visually impaired people to label things from around their homes, in order to identify them at a later moment in time. In concept, these resemble Samsung’s NFC-equipped TechTile stickers. The company explained that “[The Voice Label] can also help a user distinguish how to use electronics by allowing them to record a short explanation.”

The most important accessory, however, is the Ultrasonic Cover, a case that employs sound waves to figure out if there are any people or objects in the way. Mind you, the South Korean tech company figured that a larger than necessary radius would lead to a lot of confusion, so they restricted the case’s detection area to just two meters.

Simply put, Samsung turns people into bats with the Ultrasonic Cover. Whenever obstacles are detected in front of the phone, the user will be alerted either via vibrations or vocal feedback. Regardless of the chosen method, the user will become aware and have time to avoid the person or object standing in front him, thus avoiding accidents.

Even though the Galaxy Core Advance may look ancient because of the hardware buttons on the front and on the sides, these assist people with disabilities to use the smartphone without touching the screen. Besides the three new accessories, such features are of great use for the disabled.

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