5 Fancy Dress Ideas Inspired by LEGO Brand Toys

When a popular toy has stuck around for as long as the LEGO brand has, it’s only natural that it inspires things like clothing.  Go to any unique t-shirt place like TeeFury and there will be a number of designs that borrow the iconic toy look.

That’s fine for every day use, but what about when you need to dress up?  For guys it’s simple, they can pretty much slap on a bow tie onto anything and feel good.  Here’s a tutorial from LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago on how to make a spinning one out of LEGO pieces.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIRKvdcJc-w)

However ladies and girls have to work a bit harder before they’ll make an appearance where they’re expected to look their best.  They even have to work harder if they want that LEGO style thrown in the mix.  For that reason, here are some fancy dresses made for such an occasion.

Wedding Dress


What better day than your wedding to wear something one of a kind.  This dress was designed by the Japanese artist Rie Hosokai for the exhibit Piece of Peace.  As gorgeous as it looks, it is completely stiff.  Perhaps some wheels can be added to the base, but it may take a bit to build you into the piece.

Roksanda Ilincic


Most of the time, a nice dress is as good as the name on the label.  Here is a designer who used her daughter’s toys as a bold way to create a dress.  Roksanda Ilincic uses the bright color pallets of the standard bricks in her 2012 Fall line.  You can imagine the bricks leant themselves to geometric shapes.

Fergie’s LEGO Dress


Sometimes to make a certain fashion popular, you need a celebrity attached to it.  So at the 2011 Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards, Fergie wore a LEGO dress.  Its primary design came from chunky black LEGO bricks.  Of course she followed this up with matching accessories.

JC de Castelbajac’s 

If you’re concerned that other designers haven’t thought this was a good subject for inspiration or that there is a lack of history, then meet JC de Castelbajac.  This designer in 2008-2009 created an entire spring line of LEGO inspired clothing.  This included everything from dresses to hats.  They even made a brick built animation of the fashion show.

LEGO London Dress

LEGO Dress 12

Now the only question remains, “Is this fashion modern?”  In 2013, a dress was designed by Anne-Sophie Cochevelou co-designed with Yueer Zhang for the London fashion week.  It took over 5,000 pieces and 350 hours to blend the fabric and bricks together in this memorable piece.  The end result is something you can wear and move in.



Carlo Pandian is an adult fan of LEGO and freelance writer, and has previously published on The Brick Blogger, Bricks of The Death, and The Rock Father. Connect with him on Twitter @carlopandian.


LDC Chicago Bow Tie


LEGO wedding dress


Roksanda Ilincic – Pre-Fall 2012



Fergie’s LEGO dress


LEGO fashion runway

http://fashion-design.wonderhowto.com/inspiration/lego-fashion-hits-runway-0113643/  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWKmicahAyk

London LEGO dress