Sarvi Dock Charges iOS and Android Devices Even with Cases On

Most of the times, people discard charging docks because they would rather have their phone protected by a case at all times. Here is were the Sarvi dock comes into play, as it enables people to charge their iOS and Android devices with or without a case.

Dock manufacturers typically design their products for use without case. On top of that, most manufacturers either go for iOS devices or for the Android ones, and the fact that the Sarvi Dock treats both of them equally is definitely noteworthy. As the developer of this dock puts it, the Sarvi Dock will work with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Galaxy, Note or Tab either without a case or paired with a LifeProof, Otterbox, TakTik, Griffin, Incase or any other brand of cases. Versatility is definitely a sought after characteristic, and the Sarvi Dock takes advantage of this, promoting it as one of its main selling points.

The design of this dock is simple, featuring fluid lines that make the product adequate for every desk, be it modern or classic. The aluminum body ensures durability, something that we definitely want to see in a product we would use everyday. Besides, the manufacturer claims that it uses Apple and Samsung factory cables, so there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues. When ordering the dock, people will have to choose between an 8-pin, a 30-pin or a Samsung micro USB connector receiver.

As seen in the following picture, the Sarvi Dock can charge an iPhone just fine, even if the smartphone is protected by an OtterBox Defender with clip attached. Mind you, this is among the bulkiest of cases, so the promise that the dock works with protected devices was surely kept.

The sturdy back support and the aluminum connector ensure that your device stays in place while charging. If you don’t take things for granted, check the following videos. The Sarvi Dock makes dock extenders unnecessary, fact that’ll surely be appreciated by some.

The following video exemplifies the stability of the Sarvi Dock, both when used with a smartphone and a tablet.

Sarvi Dock is currently featured on Kickstarter, and it should enter mass production if it reaches its funding goal of $25,000 in the next 25 days. The product will retail for $49, but early birds have the chance of securing one for just $25. Additional details on how this dock works are available on the Sarvi Designs website.

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