Save, Facebook’s latest feature keeps content handy

Facebook has been storing your data for years and doing who knows what with it, yet now it is you who gets to look back on whatever you deemed important.

Facebook save

Facebook has a new feature, which is the equivalent of post-it notes for social media: it’s called save, and it’s Facebook’s very own read-it-later system. Save can be used on most devices capable of browsing Facebook at all, iOS, Android, and even the web interface. What it does is store away links from your News Feed, be it from pages or users, and puts it in an easy to access list which you can view them later. The idea is that Save will allow users to browse in short bursts without having to worry about missing the content they truly care about because the Facebook algorythm considers it read already.

Facebook save 1

“Save” will display a new option at the right of the stories and content in the news feed, and also in the drop-down menu used to block and filter content.  Users curious about this new feature might want to check Facebook’s blog post to learn more.

Via Techcrunch

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