9 Dodgiest Looking Bridges in the World

Nothing beats going on a trek for a few days, completely at one with nature. Until you reach a canyon or river you have to cross, and the only way to the other side is on a dodgy looking rope-made bridge, that looks certain to fall apart the moment you touch it.

You’d be surprised how many of these are left around the world, even in places that are considered to be highly popular tourist destinations.

Indian Root Tree

A 100 year old bridge in India, which is an example that not everything that’s 100% natural is completely good or safe for you. A 53-foot bridge is made of living roots of trees, constructed over 20 years ago.

Inca Rope Bridge

The Keshwa Chaca, believed to be the last remaining Inca rope bridge, spans the Apurimac River near Huinchiri, Peru, in the Province of Canas. The bridge, is renewed annually by the locals who keep using it, keeping tradition, instead of going on the more modern bridge nearby.

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

A bridge that has been used more than once on TV and film, it connects the two sides of Lynn Canyon in Northern Vancouver. It actually moves and sways from side to side when people walk on it.

Kotmale Oya, Sri Lanka

A terrible looking piece of wood connected to another terrible looking piece of wood – that’s what footbridges crossing the Kotmale river in Sri Lanka look like.

Trift Bridge, Switzerland

The longest pedestrian-only suspension bridge in the Alps totaling 170 meters at a height of 100 meters above the river, given an amazing view of the lake, near the highly popular Trift glacier.

Sarawak, Borneo

A bridge that can hold no more than 2 people at the time, this made-out-of-bamboo bridge looks safe, but only if you watch your every step.

Langtang Valley, Nepal

The bridge itself is pretty solid as long as there’s no wind. When it gets windy, don’t be surprised if you find yourself hanging on to dear life while trying to cross.

Bradlu River, Pakistan

A bridge that was originally made of woven vines, which were then replaced with cable bars.

Hunza River, Pakistan

Without a doubt, the dodgiest looking bridge in the world.

If you think we’ve missed a great gem in the world of terrible looking bridges, don’t be afraid to contact us.