Scrap Metal Scorpion Hammock: Yes, All Of Those Words Belong There

We’ve seen our fair share of scrap metal animals and sculptures in the past, but hardly sculptures that looked comfortable to rest on. Introducing, the cool and comfortable combined.

Now, this is the coolest seat we’ve ever seen. We don’t know much about who the creators are, being that the credit in the pictures are in Russian, but if you happen to know them, or be the creator yourself, contact us and we’ll give the proper credit. In the meanwhile, let’s just marvel at these awesome pictures featuring both the finished product and part of the building process.





We should really start a kingdom, and have this sculpture be the throne. It would only be fitting, right?

Source: Obvious Winner

There’s plenty of other metal sculptures you could check out, albeit most are not meant for comfort. Yet, if you still want to look at other cool creations, check out Alien In The Scrapyard and Giant Metal Mosquito Sculpture: Be Very Afraid.