Sega Hardware Licensed Accessories For iPhone Devices

Welcome your iPhone 5 to the next level with these cool iPhone accessories based on classic Sega hardware.

Tommo Sega iPhone 5 cases image 2

It still disappoints me that Sega is no longer in the gaming hardware business, but their beloved efforts do live on in memory. Impeccably so with this awesome line of iPhone accessories from Tommo Inc., who recently debuted such a mobile product series that totally tickles the Sega nostalgia with great fondness.

Tommo has iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c cases (with hopefully more smartphone types on the way) that match the iconic facade of retro Sega hardware, and not by cheaply using images of them either. These accessories – at least for the cases – have been molded to resemble the likes of the Sega Genesis (they also have the Mega Drive version for UK fans), Sega Saturn, and the Game Gear.

Tommo Sega iPhone 5 cases image 1

Oh, and hey, if you don’t want iPhone cases that look like consoles, then Tommo has some that look like the controllers of the Genesis and Mega Drive, too. Neato.

Tommo Sega Genesis battery charger image

The Sega hardware line even extends to similarly themed 9000mAh battery chargers and a Bluetooth speaker that fashions a Sega Genesis motif. Surprisingly missing are accessories based on the last Sega console ever produced – and perhaps the one of the greatest – the Sega Dreamcast, which is quite the erroneous omission.

Tommo Sega Genesis Bluetooth Speakerbattery charger image

All of the SEGA mobile accessories should be available by the end of the year, and just in time to make perfect Christmas stocking stuffers. I certainly would’t mind a Genesis case for my iPhone 5s… or at least my future iPhone 5s. Hint, hint, Santa.

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