Steampunk Catwoman Cosplay Featuring Its-Raining-Neon

Our favorite girl from the DC Universe, Selina Kyle, gets a steampunk make over that both re-imagines and enhances her look. Are we happy with the results, readers? What am I saying, of course we are.


Ladies and gentleman, meet the gorgeous cosplayer its-raining-neon. She’s the woman behind this incredible piece of cosplay that is based on an illustration by another DeviantArtist, NoFltter, but with a few changes here and there.


As pretty and cool as this piece is, though, our favorite thing is that its-raining-neon even did a photo shoot with the other 2 ladies from the original pic, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, played by the incredible Jessica Nigri and Monika Lee respectively. Meow.


Source: Nerdgasmo

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