Sega Master System Sofa: Play On, Nap On

Are there any readers that think Alex Kidd made a better company mascot than Sonic? Well, for that (sorta small) group, you’re in for a treat. sega-master-system-sofa-0

The 8 bit times were simpler times, but nostalgia aside, we’re better off now, playing classic games in our handhelds, and sitting on beautiful sofas that tribute the pleasant aesthetics seen on the console.



You can see more about the creators via this link (sorry, it’s in French), although we first heard about this from Obvious Winner.



This is indeed the perfect opportunity to remember more stuff from the goold old days, so if you’re still in the mood for classics in the present day, check out Modern Goes Old School – 16 Bit Video Game Demakes and Sega Genesis Emulator Running On A PlayStation Vita.