Giant Reaverized Serenity Model Found

Science fiction movies are some of the best places to kindle ones imagination about space ships and the life beyond our planet. Serenity was one such movie released way back in 2005, and managed to keep audience’s interests for many years.

In fact, even today the eponymous space ship used in the movie Serenity has a huge fan following. The spaceship is not only strange to look at but is central to the plot of the movie, and is the mode of transportation in which River Tam and her brother escape her captors. The spaceship too has to bear the brunt of Reavers, who are savage-like humans who mutilate, violate and murder their victims. Replica builders at Quantum Mechanix took a tour at the universal Archives and were surprised to find a 12-foot-long model of a damaged and ‘Reaverised’ Serenity.

The model was used to film a crash scene in the movie Serenity. Many had speculated that the model must be around somewhere, though some felt it was not possible for it to exist. However, the builders at Quantum Mechanix took photographs of what could be the biggest Serenity model that has ever been built. It is amazingly detailed, and brings back the memories of having watched Serenity almost 7 years ago. The model is extremely detailed and looks like it was made for being shot.

Perhaps this model will encourage one of the model builders to actually go through the process of recreating Serenity using fancy materials. You could also take a look at the Lego Serenity, which we had featured sometime back.

Science fiction has the ability to create some of the most amazing fiction ever possible, mostly because earth-like rules need not be followed, and creativity can be harnessed to its maximum. Probably that is exactly why movies like Serenity keep the audiences engaged even years after their release.