5 Top Sites to Find Free Sims 3 Stuff

    The Sims 3 is addictive for many to the point where pre-ordering every Sims 3 expansion pack until your fan is on fire is the norm. True fangirls (and fanboys – yes, there are a few) are always looking for good quality Sims freebies online. Here are a few great websites for free Sims 3 downloads.

    The Sims Resource

    This is truly a great resource for Sims 3 custom content. They started with downloads for the original Sims game and still have them available, as well as downloads for the Sims 2 and Sims 3. The majority of the downloads on the Sims Resource are free, while others are reserved for “premium” members (the cost for their premium subscription is 11.95 euros for 2 months). It is a UGC (user generated content) site, so you can get a variety of types of downloads for your Sims from here.

    The Sims 3 Official Store

    While most of the Sims downloads here are paid, Electronic Arts will sometimes offer freebies. For those with legal versions of the Sims 3 and expansions packs, you will receive a free content package upon registration. Additionally, they often have special sales where the items are usually half-off or more, so keep your eyes peeled for their “Daily Deal.” The coolest part about using the Sims 3 Store, however, is that you can download during game play.

    Mod the Sims

    Mod the Sims is still in the form of a forum after its many years of being in existence. It is the Sims forum for fans and newcomers alike. They also have free downloads available, but they are not quite organized (or as ‘easy’ as downloading via The Sims Resource or the Sims 3 Store). Keep in mind that all downloads are provided by the users.

    Around the Sims

    Around the Sims is also ‘old school.’ This French-run site (don’t worry, it’s also in English) has some pretty great Sims 3 downloads available, which were custom made by the site owner. All of the items are free to download, but a few special items are available to those who donate to keep the site up and running.


    When I got my first Sims game (and it was the original Sims … years and years ago), I was excited about the fact that I could download content. Except, as a 14 year old, I didn’t have a credit card to use on all of the paid Sims custom content sites and wasn’t about to take Mom’s. Parsimonious was there as an entirely free resource for The Sims, and remains as such for Sims 3 downloads online.

    Now, there are still many more sites where you can download content for the Sims 3 online, but these are some of the more popular and ones with higher quantity as well as quality. If you haven’t had a chance yet to play the Sims 3, you’re missing out if you’re a control-freak that loves to design and create.

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