Django as a Simpsons Character

Adrien Noterdaem, who currently Simpsonizes a new character each day, explained how his love for this cartoon show started: "I was still young when The Simpsons started, and since then it has always been in a corner of my mind. I think that even after these 24 seasons, the show is still really creative and always funny. I can see an old episode for the 10th time and see a new episode and have the same kind of enjoyment." Here is Django imagined as a character in the show. Quentin Tarantino's latest creation, Django with a silent D, has yet to be featured in The Simpsons. In fact, none of the characters Adrien draws have ever appeared in it. That must be one of the things that set this Belgian artist apart from all the other Simpsonifiers.
Late DJ Mehdi Simpsons Tribute
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