The Simpsons Meet The Lord of the Rings: Doh!tally Awesome Mashups

One artist has combined two totems of geek culture: “Lord of the Rings” and “The Simpsons.”

deviantArt user maryjuver has created Simpsonized versions of characters from the beloved fantasy epic.

First, there’s Homer as Araorgn, holding a doughnut instead of the titular ring.

Homer Simpson as Aragorn

Bart is playing the role of Frodo, having to cast the ring into Mount Doom in Mordor. If Homer finds out that Bart tossed his favorite food instead of the ring into a volcano, he’ll yell “Why you little…” while wringing his son’s neck.

Bart Simpson as Frodo

Principal Skinner is Boromir, who in the story is overcome by desire for the ring, with disastrous consequences.

Prinicipal Skinner as Boromir

Moe, the put-upon, jaded, slightly creepy bartender, is Gollum, who tries to take back his “precious,” from Frodo during his arduous journey into Mordor.

Moe as Gollum

Marge here is shown as Arwen. Her trademark beehive hairdo doesn’t seem to be quite as apparent, but a true elf probably wouldn’t have one anyway.

Marge as Arwen

Finally, Ned Flanders, the mild-mannered devout Christian, take the role of Faramir, who in contrast to Boromir, is able to resist the temptation to try to take Frodo’s ring.

Ned Flanders as Faramir

It’s amazing to see fans being creative like this, even though it doesn’t seem to be sanctioned by the official copyright holders. I’m impressed, both as a Simpsons and LOTR fan.

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via: Thaeger (blog is in German)