Giant Beetles Dressed In Jurassic Park Costumes

Strangest thing we’ve seen this week? How about some giant beetles dressed in Jurassic Park inspired costumes available on Etsy.

jurassic park beetle costume etsy

I’m starting to think that Etsy might be the single strangest website out there these days. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone crazy craftsperson suddenly decides it’s time to start selling giants beetles wearing tiny little costumes inspired by characters from the movie Jurassic Park.

muldoon beetle jurassic park

According to our source, these pieces were created by a “mad genius” named Erin Pearce, whose claim to fame is being able to made very weird items by request for buyers. That basically means that someone might have asked her to actually put together this piece for the express purpose of actually wanting to own it.

etsy beetles jurassic park laura dern

Well, not that there’s anything particularly wrong about wanting to purchase your very own giant beetles in costumes, but it is certainly weird.

dr malcolm beetle

Anyways, as you can see the costumes are actually fairly accurate in a creepy and funny kind of way. We’ve got Ellie, Muldoon, John Hammond and Jeff Goldblum’s bizarre fan favourite Dr. Malcolm. Each beetle comes with it’s own little outfit, some props that distinguish them from one another and, in some cases, miniature wigs. Heck, Muldoon even comes with his famous, and underused, shotgun from the film.

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