Move Over Waldo, It’s Doctor Who’s Turn To Be Spotted

Doctor Who fanboys and fangirls are in for a treat, as there is a new Doctor Who puzzle book hitting the shelves (and by that we mean Amazon).

The Doctor Who: Where’s the Doctor? is a new hardcover offering from illustrator/artist Jamie Smart and is an amalgamation of her images done for UK magazine called Doctor Who Monster Invasion.

For the uninitiated, each issue of the magazine carries out a section called “Find the Doctor”, which features Smart’s creations. The concept is based on the Where’s Waldo images, thus characters like the Doctor, Amy, and Rory etc are hidden among most of the aliens known to Doctor Who fandome including Daleks, Silence and the Weeping Angels.

Given the success of the “Find the Doctor”, the smart folks over at Penguin Books decided to combine all these images in a book and hence the “Doctor Who: Where’s the Doctor?” book. While predominantly targeted at the younger fans, the book makes for a nice collectable.