Using The Sims 4 to Recreate the Show ‘Friends’

Sims 4, recently released by EA Maxis, isn’t that different from the previous installations in the series of life simulators. Better graphics, better social interactions. That’s it. You either love the game or you don’t.

Obviously, if you put the effort and time into it, you can create some incredible things. Like what? Like recreating the set of Friends, which includes the two apartments (Monica’s place and Joey/Chandler’s apartment), the coffee shop where they all hang out and also Phoebe’s home.

Is this important to the world? In a way, yes. Friends has been off the air for a very long time, but re-runs are everywhere, and people still haven’t grown tired of the show.

It’s also an excellent way to get people who aren’t that in-love with the video game by trying a different appeal. And it would be fun controlling the lives of the six Friends, at least on a computer screen.

Friends on Sims

Friends apartments on Sims Friends having dinner on Sims Friends on Sims Central Perk Phoebe's place Joey's ApartmentHat Tip