Knowing The Grid From A Young Age: Tron Baby Stroller

For some people, even though parenthood means the start of a new life, for some people it means the end of being cool. This Tron stroller lets you push your little program around the block in style.This cool stroller, inspired by the light cycle in “Tron”, comes to us from Obvious Winner. It was designed by Bhautik Joshi of San Francisco and uses EL wire for the lighting. “I’ll install some hydraulics and some 19-inch rims next,” he says on his Flickr page. Not impossible for someone who works for ILM doing special effects.

Tron Stroller

Here’s a video of it lighting up:

For a geeky way to rock your bratbundle of joy to sleep, you might want to check out an ingenious use of a Linux-powered media server’s CD tray. If you want your kid to be a Web developer when he or she grows up, why not get a copy of “HTML For Babies”?