Say goodbye to mosquitoes with the Kite patch

Everybody loves summers, the beach and the great outdoors, and everybody loathes mosquitoes and their horribly itchy stings. Can you have one without the other?


Well according to the geniuses behind the Kite patch, the answer to that is a booming “Yes”. With the introduction of this tiny little red square, you can say goodbye to itching and enjoy some time out without sticky bug repellant, noisy zappers and all the other inconveniences of keeping these flying pests out of your campsite and your skin.

The Kite patch operates with some pretty simple science, but game-changing nonetheless; by disrupting the mosquito’s carbon dioxide receptors, you can essentially render yourself somewhat invisible to the buggers, leaving them to find another unlucky target to siphon blood from. Although the exact science behind the patch is a little more complicated, the results are chiming in with full positivity. The patch works, and it is a serious godsend to anyone wanting to hit the great outdoors this summer. You can check out a brief video explaining the making of and usage behind this nifty little gadget right here:

Needless to say that forty-eight hours of mosquito-free time to enjoy the outdoors is something we’d definitely wish we had on our last camping trip. Nonetheless, the project isn’t completely out of the wood works just yet. Their indiegogo campaign is still running for another month, and although they’ve received more than enough funding, this is your opportunity to get your hands on it before it hits the shelves. A ten dollar support gets you five patches and a special thank you on their facebook page, that’s ten days without mosquitoes in your hair and on your skin. If all goes well, these should be available for purchase on our shelves in 10 to 14 months after undergoing just a little more testing to make them work perfectly, so sit tight, stay tuned, and slap the buggers away.

Source: io9

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