Have a Slice of Toasted iPhone for Breakfast

Waking up to an annoying alarm clock can either make or break your day. Have this cool iPhone charger and clock on your bedside, however, and mornings will surely be a tech-savvy delight. Michael Kritzer designed this project for Habitco, and you may soon see this smart concept in a gadget store near you. Day Maker 1 Aptly entitled the Day Maker, this tribute to the good old toaster brilliant merges the idea of using your iPhone as an alarm clock. It has a built-in analog clock on the side, and two compartments for your “bread slices,” or in this case, iPhones (if you have two of them). Don’t worry, Day Maker will also work if you’re frugal enough to have only one iPhone. Day Maker 2 Day Maker 3 Day Maker functions as a charger for your beloved phone as well. To use it as an alarm clock, simply set your iPhone to the desired time you need to be roused from bed. Pop your iPhone into your high-tech toaster and press down to activate the dock’s alarm. When the morning comes, your iPhone buzzes you as it pops up from its compartment. Hit the snooze button by pushing down on your iPhone to catch a few more minutes of Zs. Day Maker 4 Day Maker 5 Hopefully, iPhone techies and heavy sleepers will appreciate the benefits of Day Maker when it comes to the Habitco online store. For now, though, you might just have to rely on your simple but trusty iPhone alarm feature. Day Maker 6 Day Maker 7 If you want to see other interesting designs for toasters, whether they’re for bread or not, here are a few suggestions: this toaster sculpture is actually made from human ashes, while this Xtoaster is actually an Xbox mod, so don’t put your slices of bread in it. For a real toaster that’s a charming gift as well, you can try this Pop Art toaster, which burns images and messages on your breakfast toast! Via: Yanko Design