Brilliant Skyrim Music Violin Cover

Everything about Skyrim is perfect. If you haven’t played the game and phenomenon known as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, go get a copy now. The dragons, the mountains, the story line, the music, the shouts, the dragons.

It takes more than one factor to make a successful video game, and you need a lot of things to click when you’re aiming at making a huge hit. Besides being based on solid foundation of a very successful series, Skyrim answered the pre-launch hype, breaking quite a few records on the Steam system this past month. Bethesda Game Studios hit a home run with this one.

Well, back to the factors. Besides getting you to play the dragonborn, the last Dovahkiin, just the exploration of the immense game world has cost the economy a few million of labor hours due to people not leaving the screen and playing non stop.

And among everything that makes Skyrim the biggest game of the year, is the music. So good and addictive (to those who can’t stop playing the game) it has already spawned endless covers on the web. The best of them is the reason for this whole post. Jason Yang, who has done a few brilliant covers for the enjoyment of youtube viewers struck gold again with this violin cover of two themes from the Skyrim game.