LEGO Starcraft 2 Hyperion Battlecruiser Is Uber-geeky

A staple of every science fiction video game is the Battlecruiser. Video game publishers and players never get tired of Battlecruiser like the Hyperion, which was featured in Starcraft 2.

These Battlecruisers have left an indelible mark on videogame players’ minds and are thus a part and parcel; of gaming culture. The importance of these vehicles in popular culture is reflected in merchandise, art and even creations such as this LEGO Starcraft 2 Hyperion Battlecruiser. It was created by Sven Jungo and he used more than 15,000 LEGO building blocks in order to put this vehicle together. The model is intricately built and Sven has given a lot of importance to the details.

In fact, the model would look great if it were fit with loads of LEDs.  The designer must have taken a lot of time to build this colossal model and as there is no information available about the actual building process, it is difficult to comment on how long it might have taken and under what circumstances he built it. Nevertheless, the model seems like a great example for those who seek inspiration to build things that require a lot of time and effort. on a metaphorical level, it could even prove to be an inspiration for all of us to trudge further into 2012, and build a life for ourselves, no matter how daunting the task might sound.

Every piece of artwork always leaves open the door to interpretation and the Battlecruiser model here certainly encourages us to be steadfast and hard-working when it comes to creating something that is difficult in life. You could also take a look at the Starcraft 2 Battlecruiser time lapse video which we had featured sometime back. It looks like Starcraft 2 has given rise to a lot of fan activity, which I hope translates to some real fan merchandise as well.