Noir-Esque Black & White Joker Statue

The Joker is an iconic character, and easily recognizable due to his clown makeup and his bright color scheme. This collectible Joker statue, however, opts for a black and white palette and still looks absolutely amazing. Despite being stripped of his trademark colors of purple and green, he looks just as recognizable, menacing, and awesome.

Designed by Lee Bermejo and based on the graphic novel Joker by Brian Azzarello, this Joker also looks different from the one we usually see. Our favorite homicidal clown now sports a buttoned leather coat with what looks like a dress shirt underneath, and a pair of trousers. Gone are the hat, string tie, and boutonniere.

When these relatively normal clothes are combined with his messy, spiked hair and morbid clown makeup, however, he takes on the look of some freakish noir villain. The revolver clutched in his right hand only serves to further the effect, and the look on his face shows that he’s ready to use it.

Black and White Joker Statue

There are countless statues and action figures of Batman and The Joker, but this is one that will definitely stand out in a collection. The monochrome color scheme is exceptionally drastic when dealing with a character like this, whereas with Batman it wouldn’t be a far cry from his usual design. The base he stands on is designed with the familiar Batman logo and The Joker stands roughly 7 inches in height. If you’ve been dying for a statue of the Clown Prince of Crime, this is one of the best pieces out there.

Coming out in May 2011, this stunning statue will set you back $72.99 and pre-orders are available.

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