Smart Boy: a gadget that turns your iPhone into a Game Boy

What started out as a series of silly jokes for April Fool’s is now a reality: you can quite literally turn your iPhone into a Game Boy now, cartridge slot and all.

Smart Boy 1

The company Hyperkins and CEO Chris Gallizzi introduced this case that turns iPhones into Game Boys with physical controls and slots for cartridges, very much like the real thing. It is called the Smart Boy.

This is not a joke gadget, nor a trick, nor a mod: this is an accessory that has the purpose of playing Game Boy cartridges on iPhone screens just like the actual console, without having to run emulators or anything of the sort.

Smart Boy 2

The company has also reported to be working on an Android version of the case, so a Nexus turned into a Game Boy might not be that far off into the future. Who knew that the more technology advances, the more we would miss the old one?

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