Super Mario Bros. opening screen, recreated with toothpicks

One of the most iconic screens of all time gets a beautiful rendition entirely made of toothpicks: we’re talking about Super Mario Bros. for the NES.

Super Mario Bros toothpicks 1

What if each pixel on our TV screens were toothpicks? This is the concept twitter user BitBlt Korry went after when he/she decided to recreate the title menu of Super Mario Bros., painting each one in the NES palette, and even creating a depth effect.

Super Mario Bros toothpicks 2

Super Mario Bros toothpicks 3

BitBlt Korry claims to have used some 10,000 yen ($84 USD) in order to create this masterpiece, so if you ever feel like creating your own, now you know just how much you need.

Super Mario Bros toothpicks 4

The author even made a video (embedded below) where readers can appreciate all the hard work that went on to make this happen. Would you have the patience to create something like this?

Via Kotaku

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