View Media from Your Phone on the TV with Snapstick

The limits of advancement have never had any bounds in the field of entertainment and information, which has been on the roll for a very long time now. A pattern or rather a cycle that is common these days, includes the television, computers and the phone. However, what is most catching up on every medium is the internet that was accessible through the computers or laptops earlier but have now been brought to the phones as well. But now the internet is going to take a leap very soon, for the television is also going to be married to the web.Founders, Rakesh Mathur, Ash Bhardwaj and Balaji Krishnan have come up with an equipment called Snapstick, which enables you to transfer entire web contents to the big screen. Snap the content from your phone and it sticks on to the television screen. Moreover, using Snapstick you will be turning your phone or laptop into a remote control to manage the visuals.

If you are someone who is constantly on a web search through your phone or laptop and wishes to see the content enlarged on the big screen, then Snapstick lets you do just that. Currently in the private beta phase, it facilitates transfer of the web from any device that is Wi-fi enabled and has an HDMI that connects it to the television. Thus, this would mean that gaming consoles, Google TV, etc also become part of the equation and formula for fusing web into the big screen.

The Snapstick that includes a hardware component also acts as a platform of software which helps the television to put on and view  the streaming web content. The first part of role play of the software is seen when it streams the content, which is pushed to the TV screen through the hardware. The second part is when Snapstick corresponds with the Wi-fi network of the device that is being used as the controller. With a function such as this, it proves to be very different from Google or Apple TV, which actually mixes up the experiences that web and TV channels give, whereas Snapstick concentrates only on the internet portion of the function. The best part about this formula is that, once you have snapped the content to be stuck on the TV screen, your phone or laptop is free to be used for other regular activities such as texting, answering calls etc. Also this device lets you snap content from different controllers onto the same TV screen at the same time and transfer the full web and not just the specific content.

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Via: Snapstick