Yoshi Has a Pimped Out Ride!

Yoshi is a popular character for fan-made sculptures, as this custom Yoshi mech demonstrates.
Donald Kennedy is the creator of this funny and attractive art piece that features a small Yoshi action figure riding in a much larger Yoshi-shaped mech.
Yoshi Mech 1

The mech looks perfect; the green of Yoshi’s body has been aged and weathered to look like painted steel going rusty. All the white parts of his body – including the eyes – have been treated to look like aged metal as well. There are even tiny rivets that the artist has placed around the seams between the different colours, or “sheets” of metal.

Yoshi Mech 2

The funniest part of this figurine, though, is the fact that the little Yoshi is riding inside the nose of the Yoshi mech. Yoshis have such comical, yet adorably large noses, so it stands to reason that it’s roomy enough to serve as the cockpit of a mech.

Yoshi Mech 3

The difference between the two Yoshis is quite striking; while the Mech looks very mechanical, the smaller Yoshi looks real by comparison. His bright body is so different from the dingy colour scheme of the Mech.

Yoshi Mech 4

The big Yoshi is actually a 10″ figurine made of vinyl, though the weathering process has transformed it dramatically so that it no longer looks like plastic. The inside of the Yoshi’s nose contains various computers and keyboards, made mostly of Lego pieces, while the back monitor is from a Playmobile police station set.

Yoshi Mech 6

It would be cool to have a Yoshi Mech to display in your apartment, especially if you’re into the steampunk visual ethic as well as being a fan of Nintendo’s super cute characters. I don’t think they’re being sold, but they’re certainly inspirational for any artists working in the video game sculpture field. I’m definitely looking forward to what Mr. Kennedy has in store for us next – perhaps a Mario or Luigi mech!

Yoshi Mech 7

KodyKoala has created a few other sculptures recently, which you may remember from earlier in the month – he made this funny Bowser Santa model complete with Koopa Paratroopas as reindeer, as well as this intriguing Mega Man anatomical cutaway figurine which seems to have been made in the same spirit as this Yoshi mech.