Arts and Crafts Snorlax Bed Is A Pokémon Master's Dream

Snorlax Bed Is A Pokémon Master’s Dream

Now is not the time to catch them all, but to catch some “Zzzs” with this adorable Snorlax bed.

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Sleep is good for you from what I hear. And if there’s been one Pokémon that’s been a master at it since its introduction, it’s Pokédex entry #143, Snorlax. Truly, the name says it all, for only the sound of a magic flute can awaken this slumbering beast. Although, why wake one up when it might be more suitable to just follow Snorlax’s lead.

Etsy artist Catherine Kim thinks so as well, and has fashioned this incredibly cute Snorlax bed that looks absolutely lovely for trying to catch some Z’s. I mean, seriously, just look at that cozy tummy – it makes me just want to dive head first. Better yet, I don’t have to worry about dealing with an angry Pokémon if I accidently wake him.

Snorlax bed image 2


The Snorlax bed is almost six-feet-long in length, which should be great for a young Pokémon trainer… or a flexible adult. Unfortunately, the bed needs some assembly before you can lay upon its welcoming rotundness. Mainly the bed stuffing, which can be easily acquired by a simple Google search and then be used to fill the bed in a quick zip.

Lastly, the Snorlax bed is priced at $288 (USD) and can be found through Catherine Kim’s Etsy shop. She’s got a lot of awesome stuff there, so if the bed doesn’t catch your eye (what’s wrong with you?), then perhaps something else within her store will – she’s quite the talented independent creator.

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