Why Must Your Business Go Social [Infographic]

Have you ever been wondering what the advantages of taking your business social would be? This neat little infographic explains it all.

Love it or hate it, social media is changing the way the world runs its businesses. Thanks to the fact that countless millions of people, like myself, waste tons of time each day on sites like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and the like, businesses have to take advantage of these new media if they want to graduate to the big leagues.

This nifty little infographic from the Wix Blog explains everything you need to know about the importance of social media. With with stats about demographics and media usage, any company hoping to net some long-term returns through these avenues should probably start taking notes. Don’t be distracted by the cute little images and graphics, this is actually a pretty helpful and encourage look at social media.

wix social media 1

wix social media 2

By Wix, via infographic site Visual.ly

With numers like that, no business, whether personal or corporate, can really afford not to look into expanding their reach through social media. Even if you’re just a freelance photographer, imagine the number of new clients you’ll be able to reach even locally with some clever shout outs and mini-campaigns over Facebook or Twitter.

Of course, to even take advantage of social media in the first place, you’re gonna need to have a website up and running. In case you’ve been living in the past, Wix is the latest, and easiest way, for ordinary people to start running their own website without having to be a developer or programmer. I mean, it’s even simpler to use and set-up than WordPress.

Their tutorial on the main page explains it all, showing how it’s essentially the equivalent of dragging and dropping. Whether you’re looking to get your portfolio online, running a small business or just want to blog, in an hour or less your site could be up and running.

The only slight drawback is that every site designed using Wix is a flash based site, which means iOS devices won’t be very happy about viewing them. Though, we both know there are more than a few ways around that little block.

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