Social Networks as Superheroes [Infographic]

Could you imagine your favorite (and not so favorite) social media networks as superheroes? This graphic does just that. Which superhero do you think Google Plus is?

Facebook as The Hulk? Perhaps calling Facebook ugly is a matter of taste (or maybe we’re just too addicted to realize it), but the “big, powerful … not very friendly” part we can all agree with. Twitter works as Spiderman, as it definitely possible to form “large webs of connections” through it.

LinkedIn is definitely The Thing; it’s solidity and strength is unquestionable. My_____ (yeah, guys, that is just Myspace trying to be cool) as the Daredevil? Even that perhaps is giving the outdate social network too much credit. Slideshare … wait, what was that again? Oh, well either way it’s Invisible Girl and rightly so, as very few people actually use it (or, apparently, know of it).

WordPress – who doesn’t love WordPress? That sleek and sexy superhero like Batman that has all of the gadgets/widgets you could want. Youtube as Cyclops is rightly portrayed as it is popular, but does little more than one useful thing.

Google+ would be Silver Surfer (did you guess right?) It’s totally mysterious but promises something amazing. RenRen is China’s answer to Facebook and most similar to Wolverine.

Flickr is presented as the Human Torch, but I do disagree with the designer here and think that it would be missed if it were “extinguished.”


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