Where Will Your Skills Take You In the World Wide Web of Jobs? [Infographic]

If you graduated from college recently, wondering what to do with that piece of paper in these interesting times, and you know a little bit about the Web, then an infographic might help you.

The infographic, created by Vitamin T, shows all of the various web-based career options available to a journeyman geek. The graphic branches out from three distinct career paths: content delivery, designer and developer. This one is reminiscent of those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books you might have read as a kid, allowing you to take your own path through the graphic.

Click here to view the infographic in full.

From the content delivery path, you can be an interactive copywriter, an SEO specialist, making sure people can find your site in Google, a mobile marketer, a web analyst, and an information architect who makes sure the site is easy to navigate, as well as an online marketing manager, an interactive account executive, and an interactive product manager.

If you’re more into designing the visual elements of webpages, there are plenty of options for you, of course. You can be a visual designer, defining the overall look for a site. Or you can be a web production artist, making all those nice graphics and icons, including infographics like these. If making sure the user experience flows smoothly, you can work as a UI or UX designer. You can also be an interactive art director, overseeing the rest of the artists working on a site.

If you’re into coding, you can be a Flash developer, ironing out the code of sites like YouTube. Or you can develop sites in Abobe’s other major Web product, Flex. If integrating form and function is your thing, you can be a front end developer. Of course, any half-competent observer can tell that mobile devices on the future. In that case, you can either build sites for the mobile Web or apps for the iPhone and Android platforms.

If this infographic is any indication, it seems that the world is wide open for anyone who knows how to build websites, whether in big companies or tiny startups. If you liked this post, be sure to check out our other infographics on How To Get A Job in Tech and Publishing in the Digital Era.